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PreMedical Students

It is never too early to engage in the field of reproductive health, especially through the lens of reproductive justice. As you take your required premedical courses like organic chemistry, biochemistry, and calculus, be sure to include courses that touch on reproductive justice, bioethics, public health, and the intersections of science and the humanities. This will help expand the framework and context in which you think about science and reproductive health. Like everything, medicine does not exist in a vacuum. It is important to engage with the issues and communities surrounding your future practice. Here are some actions you can take to ensure your future work is responsive and relevant:


  • Educate yourself on reproductive justice outside of an academic setting - read books, watch documentaries, and attend community-based events. This foundation will set you up for success wherever you attend medical school, residency, and eventually choose to practice. 


  • Get on your local Planned Parenthood or abortion clinic’s email list, or volunteer your time at clinic fundraiser events or as a clinic escort if you are in an area where people seeking abortion face hostile protests on arrival to a clinic. Having these experiences as a pre-medical student will help you understand the challenges that your future patients may encounter as they navigate these spaces, and your presence can help create an atmosphere of safety as they walk through hostile protests to advocate for their own health. 

  • Consider an internship or summer job working in women’s health or advocacy. There is no shortage of opportunities for short or long-term experiences that either directly or indirectly relate to reproductive health and justice. You do not need to be working for an abortion clinic directly to support a person’s right to choose what is best for their body; however if you do have the opportunity to work at a Planned Parenthood or abortion clinic as a medical assistant or counselor, this would be a great introduction to medicine and wonderful experience for a future abortion provider.

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