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How Can we HElP?

You do not need to be a physician to learn to be an advocate for abortion access and reproductive health. Use these resources to build a strong foundation to inform you along your journey to become a physician. 

Use this website to access clinical abortion training opportunities as well as to plan ahead as to how you will incorporate abortion training into your residency. It is never too early to network and create connections with peers and preceptors who may guide you along your path. 

Wherever you are in your training, use this website as a road map to access abortion training resources at any point during your training. Do not be discouraged if you are in residency and have not yet had any abortion training experience yet. There are many opportunities for training - both hands-on clinical and non-clinical. Use this website to identify some of the barriers you may face in your residency, and how you can be prepared to deal with them. 

Have you already graduated from residency and are wondering how to access this training? It is not too late to become trained or re-trained in abortion care, especially if you live in an under resourced area that would greatly benefit from your clinical skills. This knowledge will empower you to take the next step in increasing the scope of your practice, no matter how far out you are from residency.

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