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Why should Family Medicine physicians be trained to provide abortions?

Family Medicine (FM) physicians are expected to provide a wide range of reproductive health care including contraception, prenatal care, cervical health and screening, and miscarriage management.

As such, access to abortion training should be widely accessible for any family medicine residents interested in providing this type of care.

Given that first-trimester abortions are one of the most common outpatient procedures for women of reproductive age, abortion care falls well within the scope of family medicine.

AboUt US

This website was created by a family medicine resident who is passionate about training to become an abortion provider. It is meant to encourage and support others who have similar interests and are looking for guidance and resources. This project was completed with support from the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation through its Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute program.


How Should I use this website?

This website provides an overview of abortion training resources and opportunities at every step of the journey to becoming a physician. Though not exhaustive, this website aims to consolidate resources that facilitate access to abortion training at your college, medical school, residency program, or workplace. 


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